No job is to big or has proven to be difficult. We are always up for the challenge of finding the right solution.

Watch out for Glass Repairs only


 Example above is how a Display comes out of factory.

Have you been looking on eBay or YouTube and seen how easy it easy just to replace your glass on your Samsung device or any other mobile phone device, Yes we know you can buy glass for your device as cheap as $5 but what they don’t tell you is the problems and complications that are involved this is one of the reasons why we don’t do glass replacements only. Instead we replace the whole LCD touch screen module assembly.

With glass repairs only ( From repairers )

Repairer’s use no glue between the glass and touch sensor resulting in the following,
The Glass doesn’t get laminated which can cause dust getting between the glass and the touch over time, A very good chance of the glass falling off, as it is only held on with double sided tape around the edge. You lose about 40% of touch sensor not working properly because there is no contact between the glass and touch, leaving a 1mm gap. Glass breaks more easily after the repair, as it is no longer attached to the screen assembly.


Also some repairers try and use UV glue to stick the glass together aswell, which is also a no no. With that type of repair the glue gets squeezed across the screen then it leaks on the back side being exposed to the components on your board which could cause them to short and damage your phone. Also after time the actual glue that doesn’t dry up from the UV light still sits in-between the gaps. So when a user uses their handset and the glue makes contact with the skin it can cause you to get itch skin and also cause a rash.


No job is too big or has proven to be too difficult. We are always up for the challenge of finding the right solution.

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