No job is to big or has proven to be difficult. We are always up for the challenge of finding the right solution.

Sydney Mobile Phone repair is also offering advanced micro soldering repairs! This highly technical repair service might save you from the expense of purchasing a new device.

What is Micro Soldering?

Micro soldering repairs are motherboard component-level repairs that are performed with a microscope and other advanced equipment. They involve our technicians working with parts that are small as a speck of sand in order to restore functionality to your device. We are able to repair and replace capacitors, connectors, IC (Intergraded circuits ) and rework other types of motherboard-level damage. Often these repairs come from customers that have simple repair like screen replacements (which we do too!) and want to avoid costly device-replacement options. We also help other repair shops with those difficult micro repairs needed on the motherboard.

Why Micro soldering?

For example, iPhones have a common manufacturing fault with the mainboard. Also, other faults when other techs have damaged we can fix it.

  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Touch IC Disease (White Curtain on top of screen)
  • SOS no service
  • Rebooting issues
  • Charge port replacement
  • iPhone backlight repair
  • Data recovery
  • Broken connector replacement

Why Choose us and what makes us different from anyone else?? We have been doing these micro soldering repairs since 1999 since the gold old Nokia days. We are honest and if we can’t fix we don’t charge.

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No job is too big or has proven to be too difficult. We are always up for the challenge of finding the right solution.

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