No job is to big or has proven to be difficult. We are always up for the challenge of finding the right solution.

Is your Mobile Phone Broken and Needing Repairs?

We have full time Mobile phone technicians on staff and repair more than 30 devices a day, with busy days up to 60. Our certified technicians handle smartphone repairs daily and repair Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, HTC Phones, and we are able to get parts for almost all major brands. We have 1000’s of Mobile phone parts in stock and can repair 90% of issues the same day. We can Replace Screens on almost any device that parts are available. Except for overseas non-branded phones are a bit hard to get our hands on.

Are you unsure if it is cheaper to get a phone repaired than it is get a replacement? Some of the most common repairs we see are Charge Port Replacements on the Samsung’s.

Our technicians are trained to identify issues with your device when you bring it in for repair. Diagnosing issues with your electronics can sometimes run deeper than just a broken screen repair or a dead battery replacement. Our staff works hard to try and find a solution to all of your tech problems! We try our best to offer a price quote prior to the repair and if we find that anything changes, we will contact you before moving forward. This means you are in control of what you spend.

We have a price list on hand to be able to give repair quotes over the phone. Our technicians are always on hand if you need to call and get an idea of the cost to fix your broken phone. If we do not have the part in stock, we have several suppliers ready to send parts usually with-in 3 hours with a cut off time of 2pm. This means that the device will be repaired within 24 hours of it being dropped off. We strive to have the quickest turnaround times of any repair facility in our region.


We have all of the most common repair parts in stock and it usually only take us 30 mins or less to finish the repair. This makes it easier to avoid a lot of those “2-4 business days” situations just to fix the broken screen on your mobile phone.

All Mobile phone repairs come with our hassle-free 90 day warranty. Because our warranty covers part defects, if the part should stop functioning properly, we will repair it again at no additional cost (this excludes user abuse and user damage).

At Sydney Mobile Phone repairs, we understand the importance of having your Mobile phone. To most of us, the Mobile phone is just as important as your wallet or car keys.

Visit us at our shop or check out our MAIL-IN-REPAIR program for your device! If you have any questions about repairs you can contact us at Call Us Today (02) 9099 4444

No job is too big or has proven to be too difficult. We are always up for the challenge of finding the right solution.

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