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Sydney Mobile Phone Repairs

We specialize in repairing android and iOS electronic devices – from phones to iPads to laptops. Our technicians go through an intensive training process that prepares them to handle your devices with care.

We are constantly maintaining a friendly learning environment so that we can also tackle newer devices as easily as we do with the older ones.

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Specialising in all Electronic Devices

iPhone Repairs

We fix all models of iPhones that exist in the market for any possible problem that you may face. All of our replacement parts used are original and guarantee a 100% positive result.

Macbook Repairs

We solve every single problem that your device may face. From recovering data to scanning for viruses, we do it all!

iPad Repairs

We work with all the models and generations of iPads that have been launched to date. We fix any operating issues or hardware malfunctions in fastest possible time.

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Silicone Covers

Strong and stylish covers.

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Amazing Airpods

A whole new world of sound.

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Why Us

Delivering Reliability With Every Repair We Do!

We promise nothing but an exceptional, fast and affiance service. If you bring us your device with a problem, we do not send it back home without a solution.

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Mail In Repairs

Mail us your repairs and leave the rest on us. We take full responsibility for your devices and promise to deliver them back to you on time.

Premium Parts

Only authentic and premium parts of each device are used while repairing your phone, tablet or laptop.

Expert Technicians

All our technicians go through a screening process, extensive training and have to have a certified degree with academic backing in the field of technology to be able to work on your devices.

100% Satisfaction

If you choose Sydney Mobile Phone Repairs, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction with the entire process. You will not be disappointed with our service!

Unbeatable Price

We have the most competitive prices in the industry that are affordable and offer you the most high-quality service.

90 Day Warranty

If we repair your device and it gets retuned not 100%, it is on us. We give a 90-day warranty on all the devices that we repair, according to the services undertaken.

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We offer screen solutions for all mobile phones, tablets and laptops. From a cracked screen to a damaged body, an unresponsive display to bent edges – Screenz is here to solve it all for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair my device?

We aim to repair your device within 24 hours. However, the time taken to fix your electronic device depends on the seriousness and complexity of the damage that has been made. The greater the damage, the more time it will require to get fixed. However, we promise the fastest repair delivery of your device in town and are upfront prior to starting the repair.

How much does it cost to repair my phone?

Prices for each service differ and depend on the problem you are trying to fix along with your phone’s model. It can range anywhere from $20-$200 (or even more or less). The more complex the problem, the more it will cost. If you come to us with a simple issue, the cost will be substantially low. We offer competitive pricing, which is affordable but gives top quality services in return.

What if I find defects on repairs?

We give you a 90-day warranty on all repairs. If you find a problem with your device after we have fixed it, we will repair the item for free! We take pride in all our services and guarantee we will always be able to find a solution for your damaged device.

Do you repair android phones?

Yes, we do. We have specialized professionals who only work with android phones and fix them to make them brand new. Our team of android repairers work with all android phone models and types, from Samsung, Huawei to Oppo.

Have Further Questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and queries you might have.

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